Friday, 24 July 2009


We're not here to give you pleasure was an exhibition which took place on four occasions, not so much a travelling show as four seperate events which drew together a differing group of artists each time it occured. The project was initiated by Tom Dale and Charlie Jeffery, two british artists based in Poland and France respectively. Rraum02 in Frankfurt opened the series of shows in 2001 at the invitation of artists Peter Lütje and Haegue Yang. 2002 saw two further editions of the show, first at Protoacademy (a collective of young artists graduated from Edinburgh art school and set up by Charles Esche), in Edinburgh, and later at g39 in Cardiff (a contemporary art gallery for showcasing young emerging artists) at the invitation of Anthony Shapland and Christopher Brown. The shows last manifestation at the invitation of Nathalie Travers and Christophe Viart took place at Galerie art et essai in Rennes, France, in 2004.

This Archive is a kind of appendix to the exhibitions, you will find images of the shows and links to the artists and spaces where the show existed. Other links of interest will also be published here.

Rennes 2004

Mathew Houlding

Haegue Yang

Laura Quarmby

Charlie Jeffery, local sausage cooking

Charlie Jeffery, Cooked, local sausage cooking, scotish in France
Sofia Hulten

Peter Lütje, Langue et Paroles

Cardiff 2002

Edinburgh 2002

Frankfurt 2001